Cartilage Regeneration is Possible with Stem Cells!

Cartilage Regeneration is Possible with Stem Cells!

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu gave important information about the subject. It is possible to affect the change of stem cells, which perform the repair, repair and renewal functions in the body, towards the desired tissue type. A new scientific study published in Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, showed how this decision was made. According to this, certain nutrients may have an effect on stem cells. Dr. He is known for his studies on stem cell therapies. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said the following;

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said, “A scientific study jointly conducted by Harvard and Leuven University investigated how the presence of certain nutrients might affect the fate of stem cells responsible for repair, repair and rejuvenation in the body. "The results show that the fatty acids in the blood affect whether the stem cells migrate to repair and treat a bone when it breaks into bone or cartilage."

Providing more detailed information on the subject, Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said, “When a fracture occurs in the bones, the stem cells migrate to the damaged place to perform their repair and repair functions. If there are capillary vessels, ie blood circulation, near the injured place, the fatty acids in the blood signal the stem cells and the stem cells begin to differentiate to form new bone tissue. If there is no blood vessel and therefore fatty acid in the vicinity of the damaged place, a gene called SOX9 is activated, generating a signal that allows stem cells to turn into cartilage cells. "Stem cells, which receive this signal, immediately begin to transform into cartilage tissue and form new cartilage tissue."

Stop joint arthritis with stem cell therapy!

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu: “The treatment of joint calcification with stem cells has been studied for many years. In cases where we use stem cell therapy in joint calcification, we aim to affect the formation of cartilage tissue and provide healing. This study shows for the first time that certain nutrients can affect what kind of tissue stem cells should turn into. The finding that certain nutrients can directly affect the development and transformation of stem cells is extremely important for the future of stem cell therapies. This is considered to be an extremely interesting, important, and forward step in the field of stem cell therapies, so scientists hope to be able to map what nutrients may have on stem cells in the near future. The latest scientific studies conducted to remove damage to the cartilage tissue in knee and hip joint calcifications with stem cells are very important in this respect, ”he added.